What to Buy on Your Bangkok Honeymoon Trip – List of the Best Souvenirs:

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Shopping is an intrinsic part of any trip. We all buy souvenirs from various destinations to keep them as the token of remembrance or to gift others as a token of care and love! The task of buying all these souvenirs come with exploring new markets of your trip destination; which is yet another adventure.

Yes, shopping lovers can understand why we are calling it an adventure. Your honeymoon in Bangkok will be incomplete without some shopping. Yes, we know that you have planned your honeymoon in Bangkok; just a wild guess! (You are on this page, so maybe you are going to visit Bangkok on your honeymoon)

To make your honeymoon trip more entertaining and fulfilling, we are going to talk about the best souvenirs in Bangkok today. You can find these popular things in every famous market of Bangkok.

So, hold the hand of your partner and go out for a shopping spree in Bangkok. Hold on; first read about the best souvenirs of Bangkok.

1.     Thai Silk Products:

The silk fabric produced in Thailand is very famous for its softness and shine. The authentic Thai silk is weaved by hand. The artists of Thailand create this beautiful cloth with the natural protein fibre created by caterpillars of Thailand. These caterpillars are kept on a special diet of mulberry leaves for producing this fiber.

It means this silk cloth is very precious and returning without a souvenir made of Thai silk won’t be a good idea for you. So, you can purchase any Thai silk product of your choice. It can be a bag, a pillow cover, a dress, a scarf, a tie, or anything else!  But, ask about its authenticity before making the purchase.

Where to buy: Jim Thompson Outlet, Exotic Thai, China World Fabric Outlet, and Chinatown.

2.     Thai Spices:

If you love super spicy food, then you must be a big fan of Thai cuisine. Such people must buy Thai spices. Thai spices are very famous, but you should go for this souvenir only if it suits your taste. Most of these spices are packed in vacuum-sealed containers; so you can easily travel with them.

Spices like chili pastes and hot sauces also come in air-tight bottles. So, if your country’s customs regulations allow these products, then you can buy them for sure. You can cook perfect Thai dishes even in your homeland with the help of these spices.

Where to buy: Chatuchak Market, Gourmet Market branches, Spice Story and Little India (Phahurat).

3.     Thai Spa Products:

Spa and aroma products are the specialty of Thailand. Of course, you must have heard about Thai spas and massages. These services are so famous not only because of the skills of personnel but also because of the products used. These herbal products are famous for providing instant soothing and relaxation.

These spa products are created using various medicinal herbs like lemon, basil, lavender etc. Plus, Thai spa products come in fancy packaging; which makes them a desirable gift item. So, you can buy essential oils, scented candles, herbal massage packs, foot soaks, carved soaps and soothing balms from Bangkok.

Where to buy: Supermarkets, Harnn outlets, and Bath & Bloom outlets.

4.     Thai Handicraft Products:

You can see the hard work of Thai local artists by visiting any famous marker of Bangkok. These artists create a myriad of beautiful products that you must add to your Bangkok honeymoon shopping list.

Famous Thai handicraft items include wicker baskets, pottery dishes, triangle cushions, wooden carvings, and lacquerware. You can gift any of these products to your loved ones to use in the home décor. Plus, you can also decorate some of these products in your home to remember your lovely Bangkok honeymoon!

Where to buy: Chatuchak Market, Silom Village, and Chinatown.

5.     Thai Antique Products:

Thailand has a lot to offer to the history lovers and culture buffs. You can find various antique products like old maps, gems, paintings, ancient books, idols, etc. in the markets of Bangkok. But, the original Thai antiques are very expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

However, you can find the exact replicas of all these things in most of the markets of Bangkok. These beautiful antiques can make your house décor unique. Plus, they make a very rare gift; so you can easily impress your loved ones with this souvenir.

Where to buy: The River City Mall and The Silom Galleria.

6.     Thai Coconut Oil Products:

Thai coconut oil products are also very famous for skin and hair care. Coconut oil is very beneficial for our skin and hairs; so you must buy these coconut oil products in Bangkok. You can find normal coconut oil, coconut oil moisturizers, sunscreen, and various other facial beauty products in Bangkok.

You can also buy coconut soap bars, food items made up of coconut or hair products. These products are packed in attractive packaging; which means you can also consider these souvenirs for gifting purposes.

Where to buy: Chatuchak Weekend market.

7.     Thai Silver Jewellery:

Jewelry is indeed a weakness of women. Yes, because they always get easily attracted to it; so jewelry makes a perfect gift for them! Silver jewelry is very famous in every part of Thailand, also in Bangkok. These jewelry pieces are skilfully designed by Thai artists, and these represent Thai culture and traditions.

So, you must purchase some silver jewelry during your Bangkok honeymoon trip. The most famous silver ornaments which you can purchase are necklaces, rings, anklets, bracelets, and earrings. You must know that the tribal folks of Northern Thailand create these beautiful ornaments for you!

Where to buy: Silom Road, Khao San Road, Chatuchak Market and Charoen Krung Road.

So, get ready for exploring the markets of Bangkok with your spouse. Sharpen your bargaining skills if you wish to save some bucks. Enjoy the little moments of walking with your spouse, selecting the souvenirs or eating Thai street food and make your Bangkok honeymoon trip truly memorable!





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