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Threads App

Instagram is reportedly creating a new app named Threads. This app is being made for an intimate sharing of information between a group of close friends. Threads is being made and is currently said to be under the testing phase. It will contain automatically sharing locations, battery and speed. It is called a sister or buddy or companion app for Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is trying to create this application for friends that are close and can keep track of their other friends.

Close Friend Feature
It is said that Thread will be able to offer services like sharing live locations, speed, and battery life. Sounds cool, right. Instagram launched a feature named ‘close friends’ about a year ago. In this feature, users are able to create a list of their close friends and can share pictures and videos with them. If you are not willing to share the audio/ video/ image with all your followers, then you can use this feature. If you are using this feature, the status uploaded will have a green boundary. This green boundary around your status can be seen by all your friends added in the close friend list. For instance, if you are in your English class, writing your essay and made video captioning write my essay, all your close friends will be able to see it.

Snapchat Rivalry

Who isn’t aware of Facebook’s rivalry with Snapchat. This battle started in 2013 when Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg offered $3 billion in order to buy Snapchat. The Co-founder and CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel turned down this offer. Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat because slowly, people are losing interest in Facebook. Early, it was a college platform and later it was being widely used worldwide. But now the youngsters are not much drawn to Facebook and are shifting to other social media platforms. Hence, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to buy Snapchat.

Later Evan Spiegel explained why he refused Facebook’s $3 Billion offer while profiling a cover story for Forbes. Evan Spiegel said, “There are very few people in the world who get to build a business like this”, I think trading that for some short-term gain isn’t interesting”. After this being said, it heated up the competition between the tech giants Facebook and Snapchat.

It is said that building the Thread app is an attempt to wash out Snapchat. As Snapchat is an intimate photo-sharing app, that allows you so many features like – to share location, chat with friends, notifies who took screen short of your story or chat, delete chat after a specific period or after its seen by the intended receiver, etc. The Threads will also be made with similar features especially sharing live location along with the battery. It is your choice, who you want to share your location with. Unlike Snapchat, where if your location is On, all your Snapchat buddies can see your location. But in threads, only those friends can see your location, who has been added as a close friend by you. Isn’t it awesome?

Direct Messaging App

The direct messaging app was being developed by Instagram. This application was being created to take over the main functionality provided by Snapchat. Direct app was going to handle the direct messages sent on Instagram. It had many features similar to Snapchat like adding the stories, face filters, etc. Before this, Instagram borrowed the stories idea from the Snapchat. First, there was no story feature provided by Instagram, only the sending and receiving messages, pictures, video, and uploading of the same was possible.

Later, Instagram introduced this feature in 2016. Since then, it is being used widely. People send upload more stories than uploading posts. A team of developers working on Instagram was shifted to Facebook. The team was focused on developing the app, but this project was later ceased and closed. The reason for closing the project is said to be the trouble that was being faced in switching the apps. Every time the testers tried to send a message they had to switch between Instagram and the direct app. It was causing trouble and hence, it is said to be closed.

Even though this Direct Messaging App project has been closed, still the company is interested to build an app. For this, already a team of developers has been deployed and is currently working on it. Although Instagram has not given any comment on the creation and development of Thread Application. Maybe, for this reason, the work on the direct app was ended in May. Mark Zuckerberg is planning to merge all of the three applications Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp together. Due to this merging of applications, the user will be able to send messages to those on another application.

Since Instagram hasn’t commented on this news, we will have to wait till the launch of the Direct App or official announcement by the Instagram authorities.

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