Every Dentist can use LASER you want to know HOW & WHY. . ?

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ALL DENTISTS CAN USE LASERS. . Want to know WHY and How. .

Come with me Doctors. .  

 I will tell you all about “LASER DENTISTRY

If you  are MDS or BDS, Endo or Perio or Pedo, it is not a matter. . If you are DENTIST it is enough [DENTIST == Doctor, Engineer, arTIST] and you are having Passion in DENTISTRY. .want to convert your practice towards LASER Dentistry. . .NO special course required and it is not a WONDER. Any DENTIST can use and adapt Laser in daily practice like Blade(only some awareness required). I will tell you what and all knowledge required to be a UPGRADED Dentist.

WHY you want to upgrade to Laser Dentistry.

   More than 60 Dental Treatments are possible from LASER you know what and all. Come with me we will see all this treatments, , , ,

Curious Benefits here below

·         Minimal or No Bleeding.

·         Quality Treatment.

·         No Swelling.

·         Fast Healing.

·         Reduced Post-Operative Infection.

·         Minimal pain and Inconvenience.

·         Whitening in Single sitting.

·         Less time in Chair, Less Anxiety.

·         Less Time Predictable RESULT.

·         Can be used in Pregnant and Pacemakers Cases.

·         It increase patient flow & Clinic reputation.



1.      Endodontics :-

Cavity sterilization, Root canal sterilization, Desensitization.

2.      Aesthetics :-

Crown lengthening, Depigmentation, Teeth bleaching

3.      Implantology :-

Implant field sterilization, Implant uncover, Peri-implantaties

4.      Surgeries :-

Fibroma, Lipoma, Mucocele, Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty

Operculectomy, Hyperplastic Gingiva, biopsy, etc

5.      Periodontics :-

Gengivitis, Periodontics, Pocket-Debridation, sterilization, Gingival Contouring, Reshaping, Flap Surgery.

6.      Advanced applications:-

TMJ Pain, coagulations, Lichen Planus, Leukoplakia, Etc. ..


What and all IMPORTANT you want to know about LASER.. .?

ð  Basic connections.

ð  Safety goggles COMPULSORY.

ð  How to use LASER for different treatments and Mode [CW or PLUSE].


ð  Maintenance.


BASICS of laser and working principle:-

Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation[LASER]

  Diode is a semiconductor Device. . it is the main and costly component used to Generate Laser Beam. By actuating electron by current, electron will go to outer shell in a ATOM and come back when no current, this process will generate strong laser Beam. . .by Total Internal Reflection[TIR] this beam is passed through quartz Fiber and it is stronger and come out. . .

  When LASER Beam focused to CELL. It contain Water, Haemoglobin and melanin. It evaporate all these and cell died. . . like this it will cut the skin this is called PHOTO THERMAL ABLATION.

 We are using CLASS-IV Laser for cutting and Therapy.

How to Select Best LASER

@ Take full technical Details of Laser like Wavelength, Pulse width Variation, Frequency etc

@ Quality by friends or review.

@ Warranty or Device Average Life.

@ Service and support.

@ They are giving Hands on experience or Not.

It is most important to get instructions. .sales or service engineers know only Technical things. Most of them don’t know about working procedures and precautions.  

@ Software is developed on which country people basis.

Because melanin varies from region to region population. . if they design on US Patients it will not work effectively on Indian patients.

@ Spares and availability.

@ Attachments or TIPs given by company. And Fiber quality.[Thickness of fiber 200 micron]

@ working wavelength.

@ Company Calibration availability.

It is important to look working wavelength in some wavelengths Initiation required each and every time. And collateral tissue Damage happen in som

International safety protections:

1.      ON/OFF switch.

2.      Emergency switch.

3.      Stand by/Ready option.

4.      Foot connection.

5.      Command/password.

6.      Key for above 10W.


You buy any LASER having above Features and specifications.

I am Madesh B.E, (M.B.A) Engineer @ IMDSL [Only Laser Dedicated company in India]

You want any Details or Help on Laser. Feel free to Ping me

WhatsApp / Call : 7019842036

Mail id: madesh.imdsl@yahoo.com

Place: Bengaluru.

 More than 2000 units working in India

* Our company dedicated only for Laser with Laser specialist Doctor. Qualified and       Dedicated Team all over India good support and service network.


* India’s number 2 company in sales. No1 company in service and support.

         * Medical ISO certified company.

         * Software developed according to Indian patients.

         * Software developed in India Under MAKE IN INDIA.

         * 980nm wavelength. We will provide hands on experience.

         * Imported quality. Many satisfied Doctors across India.

         * 2year warranty.

         * Wireless foot pedal.

        * Operation mode both CW and Pulsed.

        * Hands on training in your clinic with our Expert Doctor.

        * Many more market Best Features.






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