Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and changing attitude towards work

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I remember when I was in US in 1998 and heard for the first time word “Telecommuting” which was a common word in US for US people but for me someone from third world country Telecommuting was a magic word. Telecommuting also known as working from home (WFH), working remotely, or e-commuting—is a work arrangement in which the employee works outside the office. After the whole world is hit by Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), it is proved that all countries whether developed or developing are one and the citizens of any countries have same sufferings and share same protocols when dealing with Epidemics such as Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). There is need to shift the world to Telecommuting and change employers and employees attitude in the way they work. This will make world one and eliminate the difference between nations and their theories. Although working remotely you'll miss a lot of the events that co-workers bond, the surprising truth is that working remotely is lonely but in the age of social media relationships can be made remotely with co workers, You meet or exceed the goals and responsibilities of your position, but if your office culture doesn't embrace those who work from home, it doesn't matter. When you're not in the office, you can no longer stop by someone's desk or overhear important conversations. Instead, be brazen about instant messaging or using Skype to maintain the same communication levels. When you work remotely, it's important not only to get out of your pajamas and dressed each morning, but to also be conscious and aware of the other challenges that telecommuter’s face. It's your responsibility to manage your career while you balance a flexible schedule. Let us support Telecommute. By Rajesh Gupta, New Zealand Citizen, Australia PR, Indian Resident GATE, Global Alliance Technology and Education,

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