17 Year Old Sneaker Reseller Makes Over $40,000 A Year Sitting At Home.

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Devin Rodriguez is a 17 year old with more than just a hobby that makes money. In his hometown Cottonwood, Az Devin stated, “There isn’t much to do here except get kicked out of Walmart, or hang out in an empty parking lot. You just have to think outside of the box to burn your time.” He also stated, “Growing up I usually watched Spongebob right as I got out of school, or played on my Wii. Around age 13 I started watching Youtube a lot, and got into rap heavily which then introduced me to the streetwear, and sneaker scene. I started watching Youtubers like Blazendary, Qias Omar, Jacob Starr and just people like that. Blazendary made a video talking about how he had the sneaker collection he had, and how he got to that point from starting to resell in 8th grade. I thought to myself that if he started in 8th grade, then so could I. I wanted all the things that he had, so for the rest of my 8th grade year I started to research the culture and just find out what I had to do to start my journey. I wanted to start reselling as soon as possible.” Sneaker, and streetwear reselling consists of purchasing items when they release from the retailer, and listing them for more on a selling platform like StockX, Goat, Grailed, Ebay etc. We asked Devin to go into more detail about the concept of reselling and he replied, “Reselling is honestly pretty simple. You buy an item on drop, and sell it for more than you bought it for. The profits all depend on how hyped up the item is, retail price, and mostly the colorway or originality. For example, rich kids go crazy for a hoodie that has a box and says Supreme on it.” Supreme is a skate brand that originated in New York in 1994. The brand started to become popular in fashion from famous figures, then it did for strictly skating. Devin said, “Kids see Travis Scott wear a pair of sb’s and boom. The SB market skyrockets. They all want to be like Travis Scott, so they wear the same clothes and sneakers as he does to try and feel the same as him.” The “SB’s” he mentioned is a sneaker made by Nike called Nike SB Dunk, but nicknamed SB’s. I asked how much money he has made reselling, and he replied, “Well I made $10,000 profit in 2017, roughly $20,000 in 2018, and $41,100 in 2019. All the money I make I usually reinvest into more sneakers or clothing to sell, and treat myself every now and then. I’ve found it easier to buy in bulk for cheaper than it is to buy a single shoe and maybe make $100 off of it.” I did some research and found there is thousands of models of sneakers that resell more than the original price, and some even selling for thousands of dollars. Any teenager nowadays can make over minimum wage by sitting at home.

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