Stop Making Fake Facts Online

Submitted by  M.E. at 26 March 2020 in  Lifestyle

Corona continues to escalate and as well as many fake news are rapidly spreading online. Many of us do have access in social media either as a publisher or just a reader. Unlike before, we now have the power to inform, criticize and develop stories that can be factual or can lead everyone into hatred, chaos, panic or being deceived. What do you think if wrong information have been continuously produced and we always see them on our news-feeds in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flashat, YouTube or other social media sites? - Some of us will check if it is valid but many will immediately re-post, re-tweet or even share it to someone that will cause some to fear and to worry. Everyone can be a source of fake news and inaccurate information. Especially in these rough days, we are getting news from everywhere without verifying if it came from a good source. There is always a saying "news had wings, earth had ears" so we better "to think before we click" when we are going to post something using these social media platforms. Please be always accountable on what to say online!

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