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Document Scanner App

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Document Scanner App


The Document Scanner is an image scanner application that makes your phone to scan documents using your phone camera as well as pick image from the gallery to scan.

Using  Document Scanner you can scan any type of document like photos, receipts, reports, bills, etc. The scan file can be converted in different scan modes that is Sharpen, Greyscale, and Black & White.

Document Scanner allows you to rotate the image after scanning the document.

Document Scanner allows you to make PDF files form your scanned images. It also has rearrange image option to re-order images as your needs.

You can share your scanned document by this app on other platforms like-

- Email

- Facebook

- Whatsapp

- Google Drive etc

The Document Scanner app has the feature to capture images from any angle of the document and it scans and corrects the document image edges. So it is best for any situation of scanning.

The Document Scanner app provides an optimized file so that it can easily transfer on any platform using the internet.

The Document Scanner app has a rich image viewer with zoom feature. So you can view any document at any size.

Other features: 

-- Download file in the Downloads folder

-- High-Quality Scan

-- Image rotation option on Scanner

-- PDF file create by scanned documents

-- Rearrange images before creating PDF

-- Share PDF file

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