Never fly in a middle seat again. They will let you buy and sell your airplane seat.


Travelers expect comfort and luxury on flights. Like most people want a seat by the window for a majestic view of the clouds, mountains, and land and streets as flights nears the airport. The problem is everyone thinks about and they don’t want to become sandwich between two people and sometimes that seats are not available. So, to solve the problem an app has come and it will give you information about seats on the plane and again you can buy seats from this app. The name of the app is AirrTrade. It is founded by Deepak Tilani, Ashwin Badrinaray, and Vivian Kim. 

AirrTrade lets you trade for your most looked-for seat in flights. It is an online marketplace for the sale and purchase of airplane seat projects. All you have to is go through security as you normally would with your original boarding pass board the plane with your original pass and avail the seat once you have boarded.

The airline industry is continuously finding new ways to charge different types of fees for the customers. Hence, there is an emerging need to enable customer-to-customer transactions in this industry like AirrTrade.

The process allows you to trade for a seat in the first couple of rows so that you don’t have to sprint for your connection flight. People can also buy premium means business class and economy class ticket from here.

There is unconditionally no competition for AirrTrade in the market and in the future airlines could possibly institute a version of AirrTrade within their mobile apps to improve the experience.

The AirrTrade’s popularity is increasing day by day for its services to its customers. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and buy your desired seat on the plane quickly.