Weird Little Knife Drives TSA Crazy [You Get One FREE]

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Free Credit Card Knife Offer Converts 13.3 Percent - Survival Life

Dear Patriot,

The TSA is saying [this little knife] is making them crazy?

>> See It Closer Up Here <<


Because... they can't detect them.

Our friends at Survival Life are giving away 8000 FREE credit card knives as their way of saying thanks to those blue rubber glove lovers slowing us down at airports everywhere.

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If you haven't seen one of these they are really cool. It's a REAL knife that folds up into a credit card that fits in your wallet or pocket.

For FREE, you gotta get one just to show off to your friends.

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Ron Wilbert

P.S. This credit card knife was even featured in the news:

Better get yours while you still can...

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